Can I unfriend someone without them knowing?

Unfriending someone on Facebook is a discreet action, and the person you unfriended won’t be directly notified, but they may deduce it over time based on their interactions with your profile.

When you unfriend someone on Facebook:

  1. No Notification: Facebook does not send a direct notification to the person you’ve unfriended. This means they won’t receive a message or alert informing them that you’ve removed them from your friends list.
  2. Missing from Friends List: If the person actively looks for you in their Friends list and doesn’t find your profile there, it’s a clear indication that they may have been unfriended.
  3. Changes in Visibility: They won’t be able to visit your profile, unless your profile is set to public, in which case they can still see your public information.
  4. Mutual Friends: If you and the person you unfriended have mutual friends, they might still see your name on your mutual friends’ friend lists or when viewing a comment or like from you on a mutual friend’s post. However, clicking on your name will lead to a limited view of your profile if it’s not set to public.
  5. Interaction Changes: They will no longer see your posts, photos, or updates in their news feed unless your content is public. If your content is private or restricted to a specific audience, they won’t have access to it. They won’t be able to comment on your posts, like your updates, or send you private messages, unless your settings allow public interactions.
  6. Friend Request Rejection: If they send you a friend request after you’ve unfriended them, and the request is not accepted, this could also indicate that they are no longer on your friends list.

While there is no direct notification, these indirect cues can lead someone to suspect that they’ve been unfriended on Facebook. It’s important to keep in mind that Facebook is designed to allow users to manage their connections privately, so unfriending is a discreet action, but it may not go unnoticed by the person you’ve unfriended, especially if they actively engage with your profile.

In addition to the manual ways, there are apps like Still Friends able to keep track of changes in your Facebook friends list and provide insights into who may have unfriended you. This app works by scanning your Facebook friend list periodically and comparing it to previous versions to identify any changes. If someone has unfriended you, the Still Friends app will provide you with a list of users who are no longer your friends on Facebook.

In summary, unfriending someone on Facebook is a private action that doesn’t send a notification to the person you’ve unfriended. However, they may notice changes in their interactions with your profile over time, and they may realize they’ve been unfriended if they actively engage with your content or attempt to connect with you on the platform. Moreover, they exists apps like Still Friends who can send alerts to the users if they have been unfriended.

Also available for LinkedIn and Roblox